Examining The Socio-Legal Implications of the Texas Heartbeat Act

Ignoring the grave human rights and constitutional concerns of multiple activists, Governor Greg Abbott contrived the Texas Heartbeat Act. Lying in stark violation of the right to bodily autonomy guaranteed by judicial precedents and constitutional provisions, this Act is a clear capitulation to the long-standing demand of conservatives to eviscerate the right and choice of a woman to determine the fate of her body. The Texas Heartbeat Act is a reflection of the shifting tides in favour of right-wing conservatism, masquerading in the form of a ‘pro-life’ debate. In this podcast, we will deconstruct the impugned Act, attempting to discern the socio-political and legal implications of such a restrictive piece of legislation on abortion, and go beyond the obvious human rights violations which can be construed from its unimpeded implementation.

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