Impact of Private Equity Buyouts On Consumer Goods/Retail Firms. Will Morrisons Fare Well?

Author: Kwaku Dapaah Morrisons. Vectura. Signature Aviation. Different firms operating in different sectors of the economy but united by fate seeing as they were all acquired by private equity firms. Like any other year, there are worldwide deals but this year, Reuters calls the purchases of British firms “unprecedented” (Alves, Rao, 2021) “Buyout groups spent

With great demand comes great responsibility: The sustainable treatment of electric vehicle batteries at the end of their life cycle

Author: Aidan Chan The emerging trend and sustainability: The transition from combustion engines to electric vehicles (EVs) is a global phenomenon that is reshaping the automotive industry. This push has been driven by efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change, especially considering that road vehicles accounted for around 15% of global CO2 emissions

AUKUS: What next for Asia?

Many experts have described this period of the 21st Century as the beginning of a ‘New Cold War’ between the United States and China as a new chapter in Great Power Politics unfolds. The Chinese Communist Party under President Xi Jinping is not only concerned about maintaining a draconian regime to impose its ideology and