Our Mission

In today’s interconnected and hyper-complex world, understanding current affairs is crucial. Universities, employers, and even our friends demand that we take a multivariate perspective when discussing world news. Unsurprisingly, we have seen a veritable explosion of newsletters and podcasts in recent years, each purporting to offer expert analysis and panaceas to the world’s most defining challenges and conflicts.

The PESTLE Project aspires to bring young, bright minds together from different academic backgrounds to promote civil discourse and develop an understanding of the modern world. By addressing global issues and hot topics through an interdisciplinary lens, we aim to offer deep, holistic analyses of the world’s most pertinent issues, trends, and challenges. We do not want to provide singular answers, but rather cultivate debate and showcase the need for diversity in perspective. In doing so, we hope to create relevant and insightful content for young minds seeking to understand the world around them, as well as perhaps not-so-young minds seeking to understand the thinking of today’s youth.

Our Vision

The PESTLE Project consists of two core components: a podcast and a publication. PESTLE refers to an analytical lens that focuses on six different pillars: Politics, Economics, Sociology, Technology, Law, and Environment. The PESTLE Project aims to discuss the most important issues of the modern world through the integrated and holistic PESTLE lens. Each pillar will be represented by university students specialising in that respective subject. The project requires a commitment of only 2-3 hours per week, and we welcome all individuals who are interested in broadening both their own and others’ understanding of global issues.

Our Values

Diversity – Diversity stands at the core of our organization, as demonstrated by our commitment to having contributors from different backgrounds, and to exploring topics from all parts of the world.

Respect – We respect everyone, irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, color, sexuality, age, background or belief.

Excellence – We strive to perform to the highest standard in everything we do. This manifests in our practice of recruiting the brightest young minds, as well as our ceaseless aspiration to improve our work.

Reliability – Reliability forms the bedrock of our organization. We aim to fulfill all commitments we make to ourselves and others, and produce content that our readers & listeners can trust to be completely accurate.

What makes us unique?

We believe there are three things that make PESTLE different. Firstly, instead of looking for the right answers, we, at the PESTLE Project, aim to ask the right questions. We believe that prompting our audience to question their own beliefs and
find their own answers outweighs the importance of giving them a dogma to hold onto.

Secondly, whereas most podcasts specialize in discussing their subject matter from a single angle, we apply a holistic lense to the analysis of modern issues. This not only enables us to give our audience a more complete picture of current affairs, but also helps us tease out and spotlight the critical fault lines between different disciplines and approaches to the world.

Finally, the PESTLE Project is composed exclusively of students, who, in turn, are creating content for other students and young adults. As a generation, this young, diverse, and dynamic group of individuals are not afraid to challenge the status quo and forge an authentic way forward. Similarly, we, at The PESTLE Project, are unafraid to challenge the way the world works, have difficult conversations, and address difficult topics in our conversational, unscripted podcasts.